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Gorgeous Lakeview Bedroom

Gorgeous Lakeview Bedroom


In the Okanagan there are no shortage of rolling hills overlooking our beautiful 75km lake. A coveted viewlot is worth paying for and this home was built to maximize a panoramic view from almost every window in the house. With that much light coming into the house, window coverings needed some serious consideration.
The morning sun fills the kitchen nook with brilliant light so Hunter Douglas motorized rollershades were used for convenience of operating 6 windows at once. Layers of white, grey and seafoam created a soft welcoming palette. In the Master Suite, a combination of blinds and blackout drapery were used. The rollershades buffered the daytime light streaming into the room while maintaining the view of the lake. Above the bed, Hunter Douglas textured blackout rollershades were used that were also powered so that the cords wouldn’t have to hang down the wall and make it difficult to open and close. The highlight for this room was the ripplefold blackout drapery on a channel rod. A Kravet metallic fabric was given a contemporary heading called ‘ripplefold’ which runs on a channel rod. When a wall is very wide and multiple brackets need to be used, these rods are the answer to the problem. The brackets are mounted to the top of the rod which allows the fabric to pass by the brackets with no issues. The brushed stainless rods and subtle sheen of the fabric played with the light and added a layer of shimmer to enhance a very calm space.



Owner and founder of the Well Dressed Window, Michelle Henseleit has fifteen years of experience designing bridal gowns. Michelle’s passion for fabrics, colors, and textures inspired her to look beyond the garment industry and led her to create custom window treatments. With a degree in fashion design and over 25 years experience, she knows how to select from thousands of choices to find the fabric that is right for your home with a budget that works for you. She believes that draperies are what bring all components of a room together to complete your look.

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