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How to Adjust Vertical Blinds Without Hassle

How to Adjust Vertical Blinds Without Hassle

No one likes the sun in their eyes. Vertical blinds are stylish, can effectively block light and are easy to set up to combat this. However, vertical blinds are also not without their own drawbacks and you might be wondering how to adjust vertical blinds to better block the sun or, conversely, let more light in.

Vertical blinds tend to be a little more technical and finicky to adjust. Thus, it’s important to do it properly otherwise you might be shopping for a replacement vertical blind slat.

Which, of course, would not be a fun trip.

We go into detail about how to adjust your vertical blinds effectively below so you don’t have to search out replacement blinds in your local hardware store.

Large glass window with Levolor vertical blinds

How to Adjust Vertical Blinds: Figure Out What Type of Vertical Blinds You Have

Like many products, blinds also come in many different types. Because of this, it’s important to know what kind of blinds yours are so when you’re adjusting a crooked vertical blind, you do so effectively and without breaking the blinds.

Many blinds fall into two different categories, “classic” and “Levolor.” To find out which kind you have to remove the blind shade from the brackets and look at the label on the back of the blind’s headrail. You should be looking for the manufacturer’s name on a paper sticker or label which will help you identify what kind you have.

If it says anything but “Levolor”, then look at our next section below for fixing your vertical blinds.

Classic vertical blinds in alignmentAdjusting Classic Vertical Blinds

First, remove the blind vane from the clips using a credit card or driver’s license by slipping the card underneath the clip. This allows you to remove the blind vane without breaking it. You’ll need to do this for each vane until all of them are off.

Once you’ve removed all of them, rotate the blinds using the tilt/turn controls all the way to the right, then all the way to the left. This may take up to 3-4 tries to put the blinds back in alignment, so don’t worry if it doesn’t happen on the first try.

Once the gear causing the misalignment pops back into place, simply reattach each one of the vanes. Your blinds should now properly rotate!

Although it can be frustrating to deal with vertical blinds that aren’t turning, they aren’t difficult to adjust.



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