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How to Clean Vertical Blinds and Other Often Missed Areas Of Your House

How to Clean Vertical Blinds and Other Often Missed Areas Of Your House

Your home is full of places that collect dust and dirt you might not even think of. It’s in no way your fault either, these just aren’t places most people think about when they go down their list of things that need to commonly be cleaned. However, just because they’re not commonly cleaned doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be cleaned. You might be wondering even how to clean vertical blinds, or other weird unconventional things in your home. 

Good news, we’ve got you covered. 

Below we’ve compiled a list of all the major items that you might miss in your seasonal cleaning.  

How to Clean Vertical Blinds  

Vertical blinds do build up less dust than horizontal blinds, but nonetheless still need to be cleaned regularly. We recommend thoroughly dusting off each blind first. To clean them effectively, wipe them down from top to bottom first on one side, then flip them over and do the same for the other side moving from left to right or right to left one blind at a time. 

Before moving on to the next blind, use the brush attachment on your vacuum and vacuum it from top to bottom to catch any further dust. Don’t use your vacuum without an attachment on your blinds as that could damage them with the hard suction. 

Cleaning door knob with disinfectant for coronavirusWipe Down Door Knobs and Handles 

Cleaning your doorknobs and handles is especially important with the pandemic going on. They are a high touch area and depending on your door handle’s material they could also be harbouring germs longer than you may think. Consider doing this especially after having friends or family over. 

You probably don’t need to use a multi-surface cleaner to wipe them down, but you can if it has a disinfectant in it. Simply use a disinfectant spray or liquid and wipe the handles down with paper towels or a microfibre cloth. 

Clean Underneath Furniture and Appliances 

Admit it, at one time or another you either intentionally or simply left junk under a piece of furniture or your fridge when it rolled under it. Of course, it’s best to avoid leaving it there as you can attract ants or it grow mould if it’s food and cause other problems. 

Although it might be a hassle to move the appliances or furniture, cleaning these areas are often incredibly easy. A lot of the time simply a good vacuuming of the area is enough. However, we’d recommend first throwing bigger pieces of garbage in the trash if you notice any to avoid damaging your vacuum. 

If you can’t move it then try to at least tilt it and get the help of someone else to reach underneath with a long handle duster, cleaning rag, or vacuum extension.   

Young woman cleaning dishwasherClean the Scum on the Inside of Your Dishwasher 

Like your dishes, your dishwasher also gets food gunk stuck on it after use. While a dishwasher cycle itself will still clean a lot of the dishwasher, over time it will still build up junk in areas.  

With the dishwasher empty, set it to the hottest cycle and put in some baking soda to thoroughly clean it. After the cycle has run, check to see if any spots were missed and wipe those down with a soapy cloth. It’s also a good idea to wipe away any grime near the door handle itself. 

Dust and Wipe Down Exhaust Fans 

Your exhaust fans in your kitchen or bathroom can easily become full of dust. It’s also often hard to tell just how bad they can are until you remove the covering to them. Because they can become caked in dust, it’s best to clean them while wearing a mask and eye protection. This is especially true for bathroom fans where you’re often cleaning them while directly underneath the fans. 

Overall, work these easily missed areas into your regular cleaning routine and you’ll have a cleaner, more presentable home you can confidently show off. None of them are especially hard to clean, especially since you know how to clean vertical blinds now, and the results will often speak for themselves. 



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