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Key Ways to Sleep Better Using Room Darkening Blinds and Other Methods

Key Ways to Sleep Better Using Room Darkening Blinds and Other Methods

Although getting a good night’s sleep isn’t always something we prioritize, it should be.

Sleeping well has been connected to better physical and mental well-being in recent research. This makes it one of the most important aspects of healthy living (that’s often overlooked). However, sleeping doesn’t always come easy to many people, but there are many ways to help with that.

We discuss how to use room darkening blinds and other methods to help you get the best sleep possible.

Use Room Darkening Blinds

Room darkening blinds, or blackout curtains, are one of the simplest solutions to helping you sleep. Bright natural light can keep you awake as your body uses light levels as an indication of when you should be awake or asleep.

Room darkening blinds block out all the sunlight coming from your windows to ensure your room stays dark. As such, it’s easier for you to fall asleep.

Lower the Temperature of Your Bedroom and Your Body

Everyone is different, so while a cooler room may help some people, others may prefer one that’s slightly warmer. However, in general, a cooler room will help send signals to your brain that it’s time to sleep. It is recommended to choose a temperature between 60–67°F (15.6–19.4°C) to start and see how that affects your sleep.

Note that even just the act of your body cooling down can make a difference. For example, taking a warm shower before bed can also help you have a better sleep and be more relaxed.

Young woman having good nigh's sleep

Stay Consistent in Your Sleep Habits

Life happens. You can’t always control when you need to head to bed, but being as consistent as possible will make a difference.

Your body actually runs on an internal clock and when you go to bed at irregular times constantly it doesn’t know when to start producing natural chemicals to help you fall asleep and relax. Set a rough time you should be in bed and try to only vary that by about half an hour if absolutely necessary.

Don’t Look at Your Clock

We’ve all been guilty of trying to fall asleep and repeatedly looking at our clocks wondering why we’re not asleep yet.

Constantly looking at your clock will only make you more anxious wondering “why am I not asleep yet?” so it’s not helpful to have it readily accessible if this is something you do often.

Instead, get rid of or turn your clock away and just set an alarm for yourself to wake up at your usual time on your phone or other device. Place your device in a space away from where you can reach it without getting up, but still accessible when you need to get up to turn it off in the morning—a desk or dresser is a good pick.

Find Ways to Be Comfortable

Because you spend so much time in bed it’s worth it to invest in a good pillow and mattress. Not only can this help with a variety of aches and pains you may be currently experiencing, but they can also help you have much more consistent sleep quality as well.

A great sleep can make all the difference. Set your bedroom up for success with room darkening blinds, a good mattress and pillow, and develop more consistency in your routine to get the good night’s sleep you need and deserve.



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