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What to Do and Not to Do When Hanging Curtains

What to Do and Not to Do When Hanging Curtains

There’s no doubt that curtains add that final touch to any room. They help you control light levels, offer privacy, and add texture and colour to your aesthetic. Whether you’re hanging curtains from the ceiling or simply just using a stylish curtain rod, a home is more complete with curtains.

However, curtains can be deceptively easy in how they can be hung up properly. We break down some of the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when hanging up curtains.

Hang Curtains Up High

Although you don’t need to be hanging curtains from the ceiling, they often look best when they are hung up from higher up. This is because it makes the windows look taller and can add more height to a room to make it feel less cramped.

A good rule of thumb is to put your curtain rod 4-6 inches above your window frame.

Choose the Right Fabric

Choosing the right fabric isn’t only about choosing patterns. You also need to consider how light or dark the fabric is as well. Lighter fabrics will let in more light and brighten a room and are better for areas like living rooms. On the flipside, darker fabrics naturally darken a room and are better for areas like basement rooms as they keep in heat better and reduce glare on monitors and TV screens.

Don’t Pick Curtains That Are Too Narrow

Make sure when choosing a curtain rod that it’s wider than the frame of the windows. If you don’t, the curtains will always cover the window and reduce the amount of natural light coming through. Plus, by choosing a wider curtain rod, you’ll get the beneficial effect of your windows looking wider than they actually are.

Measuring 8-12 inches wider than your window frame is a good rule of thumb when trying to decide on a good curtain rod.

Hanging curtains hung properlyDon’t Get Curtains That Are Too Short

Generally, curtains should hang just above the floor or even puddle a little. You don’t want your windows to have the equivalent of short-shorts unless they’re in that café-style. Again, this helps better frame your windows by having long curtains and can also help with blocking out heat or cold. If you don’t want your curtains to touch the floor to keep them a little cleaner, get ones that will hang just under an inch above the floor.

Overall, curtains are simple and easy to hang and set up on any window. They can effectively complement your aesthetic and even add to it making for a great stylistic addition.



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