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Dare to be Bold


Botanical printed linen draperies tie brilliant colours together showcasing treasures accumulated while travelling the world.

I have many people ask how a large scale printed drapery will look when completed.   They’re curious….but afraid.  How long will the trend last?  Will they still love them in ten years?  All valid questions!  I love these printed panels a client recently added to her basement.  Reflective of treasures accumulated in her travels and an attraction to bright colours, she pulled off these bold draperies with perfection.

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Not long ago,  I was scanning the draperies on Houzz, a fabulous website of unending pictures on everything design related, and it was solidified to me how much impact prints make in a room.   This blog is to all those wishing they could be more adventurous in their homes but then settling with a style that’s supposed to be “classic” and last forever!  Own what you really want and throw “classic” to the wind.   We aren’t here forever!