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Climate Control with Shutters & Blinds

Climate Control with Shutters & Blinds

Even if you are a climate change skeptic, our extensive Okanagan flooding this year and annual risk of extreme fire continually beckons us to spend as much time as possible outdoors. The Well Dressed Window in Kelowna can help you acclimate to our diverse seasonal temperature changes and blindingly sunny days by offering an extensive selection of Hunter Douglas exterior blinds, shades and window treatments.

Start Your Morning with a Cup of Sunshine

Controlling the amount of light, UV exposure and ambiance can make or break your family and friends taking full advantage of your deck and exterior living space. If your feet immediately start to burn as soon as you step outdoors and you find yourself squinting and searching for your hat and sunglasses; it can suddenly become a chore to enjoy your morning cup of coffee. Is it time to revamp your routine? The Well Dressed Window can help you create the perfect environment with utmost comfort on all levels. Increase your exterior living space by creating a cool, shade-friendly environment to enjoy year round.

Is Your Shady Oasis Outside or Indoors with the AC Cranked?

If you find yourself sitting indoors for months on end with your air conditioner cranked…The Well Dressed Window has transformative tools and options for you to consider. Embracing the Okanagan lifestyle doesn’t have to include astronomical air conditioning bills and hiding inside for every heat wave. Installing some exterior automatic roller blinds or enclosing your deck can dramatically reduce the amount of sunlight directly hitting and entering your home.

Stylish and Affordable

High-end window coverings and exterior shade solutions can drastically influence your comfort level and your monthly bills. Enjoy the possibilities of taking a currently sun-baked portion of your outdoor living space and transforming it into a comfy, adult oasis. Imagine entertaining comfortably outdoors for that next birthday party or BBQ.

Blocking Solar Radiation Pays Off

Wearing gallons of chemically laden sunscreen doesn’t have to be a part of your daily backyard experience. Strategically setting up some glorious shade solutions can offer the perfect base for your outdoor program. Add some lounge chairs, a propane fire pit, a water feature, some herbs and flowers and voila…! Enjoy your exterior office space, reading nook or gathering place among nature. Turn the air conditioner off and invest in some preventive measures instead. The Well Dressed Window is happy to help you assess your climate control options.

Dust Protection and Enhanced Privacy

Besides giving you a say in temperature and shade, exterior shade solutions additionally provide privacy and help prevent dust from entering your home or office. Outdoor shades are an excellent solution if you suddenly find that multi-family construction is suddenly becoming your new neighbour. Perhaps you live along one of our famous Okanagan bluffs or dry hills. Dust can wreak havoc on your air quality and add hours to your housekeeping tasks. Embrace the possibility of enjoying more privacy and less dust and cleaning with Hunter Douglas exterior window treatments. Call Michelle from The Well Dressed Window today to obtain a custom quote!

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