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Spring Style With Sheer Window Blinds Kelowna

Spring Style With Sheer Window Blinds Kelowna


Happy Springtime Kelowna! The sunshine is here and the birds are heralding the arrival of warmer, brighter days. If your floor to ceiling sheers are not offering you enough rest and relaxation, fear not! The Well Dressed Window in Kelowna offers the best window treatments for every room in your home. Custom curtains, fabric blinds, sheer window blinds, and exciting design possibilities are yours to behold this season! Now is the perfect time to adjust your ambiance, reduce your energy needs and give your window treatments the makeover you have been dreaming about.

Window Blinds: Preparation For A Scorching Kelowna Summer

How many times has the sunshine crept into your bedroom, causing you to rouse prior to your alarm? While many folks welcome the natural UV rays as their alarm clock, others are not so keen. If you spend the last couple of hours or minutes prior to your alarm tossing and turning, sleep deprivation can take its toll. It doesn’t take long before a few early mornings or late nights due to light pollution catch up. If your neighbours love their bold exterior lights or you live within the vicinity of a streetlight, chances are, you have more light entering your bedroom than your brain prefers (during sleep). Thankfully, The Well Dressed Window has endless coverage combinations. From fabric blinds Canada to sheer window blinds with flanking custom curtains, blackout blinds and every style, colour, and texture of window treatments possible, there are some eye-catching and affordable ways to revamp your access to privacy and light.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shadings | The Well Dressed Window Kelowna

Sheer Window Blinds Kelowna

Hunter Douglas blinds offer a variety of textures and weave to help you diffuse the light and take control of your privacy and ambiance. Many privacy blinds enable clients to see outside without others being able to look within. Sheer window blinds can create a brighter interior as well. Opaque models can still offer energy efficiency by stopping drafts trapping air while maintaining a brighter aspect than closed drapes. We can help you take care of your precious sleep once and for all! Kids bedrooms, baby nursery’s, bathrooms, living rooms, dens, and home offices can benefit from the secure and stylish window treatments that reflect your personal preference while enhancing your interior and exterior.

Custom Curtains With Your Sheer Window Blinds

If you love the functionality and style of a layered look, custom curtains look stunning alongside sheer window blinds. Utilized together, you will have the flexibility of keeping cozy during the chillier winter months and staying cool during our extravagant summers. Automated window blinds can help you create the look of being home while you are away with the simple touch of a button. Enjoy the easy access offered with Hunter Douglas Motorized Blinds to help you take control of your light, energy and privacy while looking absolutely sensational in the process! Schedule your home or office consultation to get started.

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We look forward to meeting with you at your residential or commercial space. The Well Dressed Window has miles of samples for you to discover. Creating your custom window treatments has never been easier or more satisfying. From measuring to installation to warranty, we have you covered!

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