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Top Tips for Using Window Treatments to Darken a Room

Top Tips for Using Window Treatments to Darken a Room

As nice as it is to have sunlight streaming in through your windows, sometimes you may find yourself wanting to block the light and keep the interior of your house dark. Whether you’re wanting to reduce the glare on your television screen or keep your home cool by blocking out the hot summer sun, we’ve put together a few tips on how to darken a room with window treatments.

Blinds and curtains on window

Darken a Room: Layer Window Treatments

One of the easiest ways to darken a room is to layer your window treatments. Often when you install blinds or roller shades, you will be left with small gaps on either side of the window where light can sneak through. Adding other window treatments, such as drapes on either side of the window can help block out these small gaps of light to prevent any from entering the room. This is a great option if you live in a climate that requires you to block out the hot summer sun, as some draperies can even have thermal, insulating liners that can help block out the heat and keep the cool air inside.

Use Blackout Shades

Blackout shades are a great window treatment option for darkening a room. Hunter Douglas has several different blackout shades in a number of different styles that could be perfect for your space. Roller shades combine a sleek, modern design with the ability to create just enough light and privacy. Room darkening liners might also be a great option and can be sewn directly into the fabric of drapes or used on their own for maximum control.

Room darkening shades

Choose Outside Mount Window Coverings

Another great way to help block out any slivers of light that might sneak through a window covering is to choose outside mount window coverings. This means that your window treatment is installed on the wall above or outside the window frame, which allows the covering to overlap the window, therefore removing light gaps. When installing outside mount window coverings, make sure to add 4 to 6 inches to the overall height and width for maximum coverage.

Invest in Light Blocking Strips

Light blocking strips are another great way to block out any extra light that is visible on either side of roller shades. They are L-shaped pieces of plastic that can be mounted in front of or behind your window treatments to block any parts of the window that aren’t fully covered by a shade or blind. They are incredibly easy to install, making them a great choice for helping to darken your rooms.

Regardless of why you may need to darken a room, these tips will help you block out any unwanted light and get you the window coverage you desire!



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