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Window Treatments Positively Impact Heating Bills

Window Treatments Positively Impact Heating Bills

Our windows can be one of the least efficient locations within our home or office. Single pane glass still exists in many older buildings and even multi-pane glass can be less than awesome at stopping air transfer if they were incorrectly installed. Thankfully, The Well Dressed Window in Kelowna offers a stylish selection of energy efficient window treatments that can help you trap extra heat this winter. Did you know that up to 50% of energy loss occurs through your windows? Just think of all the extra cash you can save throughout the year by addressing this situation.

Stop The Drafts!

A great way to determine if there is any air seepage around your patio doors and windows is to simply light a candle and slowly pass it around the edge of the window frame. Note if the flame dances wild or goes out, as this is a definite sign that you are losing copious amounts of hot air in the winter and allowing stifling hot air to enter during the summer. Some window seals break down over time or suffer from never being installed correctly in the first place. The type of window design you have and whether you windows open outwards or slides horizontally additionally comes into your efficiency calculation. Conducting a preliminary check now and investing in some quality weather stripping is a great way to enhance your energy savings this year.

Hunter Douglas Energy Efficient Solutions

The craftsmanship involved in your window coverings can dramatically influence your heating and cooling needs. Hunter Douglas’s Duette Honeycomb and Duette Architella Honeycomb Shades feature unique honeycomb designs that trap air and combat against heat loss. Combine these shades with some blackout curtains or luxe drapes and enjoy maximum energy efficiency this season.

Window Efficiency Tips

The Well Dressed Window reminds clients to check the status of your caulking around storm windows and basement windows. Over time, products can disintegrate and issues can occur. Annual window maintenance will ensure that you notice if it is time to re-caulk. Did you know that locking your windows during heating or cooling sessions helps to create a better seal and helps to prevent heated or air-conditioned air from stealthily escaping? While many people diligently lock their windows, many never think about it and can unintentionally let more air escape. 

Let the Sunshine In!

As it gets darker during the winter months, it is easy to turn on more lights than necessary. Maximizing your daylight by relying on natural light can dramatically save on your electricity bills. Hunter Douglas’ collection of motorized blinds offers a great solution in terms of their smart technology and remote controlled systems. If you know you will be returning after dark, simply program your window coverings to close at dusk and Voila…! You will be able to trap solar heat while you are away and prevent it all from dissipating prior to arriving back home.

Book Your Window Covering Consultation Today!

Michelle from The Well Dressed Window offers a spectacular selection of fabrics, styles, colours and products to enhance your window aesthetic and efficiency. Call today to book your residential or commercial consultation. After all…it’s never too late to start saving money by reducing your energy costs and enhancing your efficiency!

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