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How to Add More Privacy to Your Backyard

How to Add More Privacy to Your Backyard

We all like to have our privacy, especially when it comes to our homes, but how do we maintain that? For some people, it’s just finding out which way to turn vertical blinds for privacy (simply turn them to the convex side).

For others, the only things they want peeking through the windows or backyard are the tiny shoots of light in the morning.

We list some of the easy ways to add more privacy to your home—particularly your backyard.

Use an Evergreen “Fence”

Although you won’t get immediate results, this is a great long-term solution for privacy.

Arborvitaes and other fast-growing trees are perfect for an evergreen fence. Plus, as mentioned, they grow much faster than other types, meaning you’re only ever a few years from achieving maximum privacy.

Alternatively, if you’re really just worried about privacy from one direction, you can just plant one tall hedge. That way you can block other people’s vision without spending a huge amount on your entire backyard.

Depending on the size of your home this can be one of the most affordable solutions for outdoor privacy.

Hang Outdoor Curtains

If you want to have window treatments outdoors, then outdoor curtains are an excellent solution. They can also help you avoid the problem of figuring out which way to turn vertical blinds for privacy since you can cover windows.

This is a great opportunity to get creative as well. Use trees, porch railings, or other sturdy structures to hang curtains from to maximize your outdoor privacy.

Outdoor curtains are one of the best options for people who have backyard decks or patios. You can create an outdoor space that gives your patio or deck more privacy by surrounding it in curtains or simply set up a small section dedicated to blocking your windows and to give yourself a little privacy nook.

Wooden backyard privacy screenGet a Privacy Screen

Privacy screens are a popular option if you want a quick and easy to prying eyes. Like outdoor curtains, you can also get creative, and get them in many different styles.

Wood privacy screens are a common choice to build to match the exterior of your home or backyard. Plus, they are relatively easy to make and can be completely customized with different stains, paint colours, or types of wood.

Building your own also comes with the benefit that you can make them as big or small as you like to fit your space perfectly as well.

Backyard lattice fencingSet Up a Lattice or Trellis Fence

Lattice fencing is very trendy right now and doubles as an excellent privacy measure. Like privacy screens, you’re also able to paint or stain them to better complement your home while still getting in more sunlight.

A trellis fence is very similar to a lattice fence but typically offers a little more visibility for more light at the cost of less privacy. However, this depends on how tight the square “mesh” is woven throughout which may provide more or less privacy respectively.

Build a Stone Wall

Stone walls are a beautiful way to complement your backyard and offer the maximum level of privacy. This is a particularly excellent choice for people who live in areas that have the sun often beating down and need to consistently maintain wood fencing.

Just keep in mind that stone walls are less affordable and may require more of an investment to make.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to add more privacy to your backyard. Don’t forget you can also add window treatments to your windows though if the solutions above won’t give you enough privacy into your home itself.

Add a layer of privacy to your home and reduce glare with our wide selection of window treatments available. Contact us today to learn more!