Are you scared of sheers?



Are you scared of sheers? Do certain words make you wrinkle your nose and think of your granny’s living room that hasn’t been updated for thirty years? Well…granny’s stuff seems to be trendy again!

When a new shipment of fabric books arrive at my office it always feels like Christmas! The thrill of seeing something new and inspiring is what I love!  I’m always amazed when I open the books with sheers only to see textures reminiscent of the days of the traditional sunken living room. Yes! The boucles are in abundance. The fabrics beckon to be purchased and reinvented to mix the traditional with the contemporary. There is none that has made such a come back like sheers. They come in every colour and texture and are sexy, airy and play with the light creating clean lines that aren’t overpowering.  Sheers are center stage right now and make a great alternative to rollershades. You just might need to give them a try!