Mixed Textures in a Modern Home

When renovating a home there’s an art to using what you have and adding completely new elements. This home renovation was stripped down to just a few walls from the existing structure. The charm of an old, wide arched doorway became a source of inspiration as the house was being rebuilt with a modern flair. A panoramic…

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Gorgeous Lakeview Bedroom

In the Okanagan there are no shortage of rolling hills overlooking our beautiful 75km lake. A coveted viewlot is worth paying for and this home was built to maximize a panoramic view from almost every window in the house. With that much light coming into the house, window coverings needed some serious consideration. The morning sun fills…

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A Restful Holiday Guest Bedroom

Having the morning sun streaming into a window can sound really romantic but not when it's at the expense of a good night's sleep! This beautiful farmhouse guest bedroom was a source of frustration for company that would come for summer holidays when the sun was at its brightest. With the crack of dawn, the…

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