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Winter Window Treatments to Help Keep Out the Cold

Winter Window Treatments to Help Keep Out the Cold

There is no question that the colder winter months can sometimes bring chilly drafts into your home, but the great news is that you can help keep the cold air out by choosing the right window treatments. Whether you’re looking to help keep your home better insulated, cut down on your utility bills, or are simply looking for new window coverings to update your space, there are lots of great options available.

The Well Dressed Window offers several great winter window treatment selections that can help you take your window coverings to the next level and help keep the cold air out this winter.

Shutters used for privacy inside home

Invest in Thermal Curtains

While the insulation that windows provide has improved over time, they are still notorious for allowing cold drafts to come into your home. This can be challenging to combat, especially when faced with harsh Canadian winters. One great option to help minimize heat loss in your home and keep the cold air out is to invest in thermal curtains. While they look like standard curtains, thermal curtains contain a thin layer of acrylic foam that acts as an extra layer of insulation, keeping the interior of your home warm and cozy.

Curtains hanging in window

Try Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are another great option when it comes to keeping the cold air out and the warm air in. They are also known as honeycomb shades, because of their unique hexagonal-shaped pattern. When air gets trapped within these spaces, it helps act as insulation to keep your home nice and warm. These shades are also one of the most energy-efficient window coverings, which can help bring down your utility bill as well. They come in a wide variety of colours, textures, fabrics, and patterns, so you can find exactly what you need for your unique space. The Hunter Douglas Duette® Cellular Shades help to provide year-round comfort and beautiful natural light!

Vinyl shutters used to insulate home

Optimize Privacy with Shutters

Because the winter months are darker, many people want to maximize the natural light in their home without sacrificing privacy. This is where shutters come in. They are another great option for keeping your home’s heat inside, as when closed, they create a barrier of air between the window and the shutter, which helps decrease the amount of heat lost. It’s important to note that the type of material the shutter is made of will determine how energy efficient they are, with vinyl typically having a higher R-value than wood. Not only can shutters help add an extra layer of insulation, but they can also help you to maximize the amount of light you let into your home, privacy, and aesthetics of a room.

Whether you’re looking to keep cold drafts out or maximize your home’s efficiency, updating your window treatments can be a great place to start.



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