Get More Sleep with Blackout Window Treatments

The Well Dressed Window in Kelowna wants you to help you maximize your restful sleep with our expansive selection of high-quality blackout window treatments. Imagine waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on what the day has in store for you! Controlling the amount of light your brain acknowledges once your eyes are closed…

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Drapery Ideas for your Business

Elegant, functional and necessary in our arid climate, window coverings are a vital component of your business aesthetic. The Well Dressed Window can help you transform your window coverings to compliment your workspace. Drapery is not just for your home! Gorgeous styles can be incorporated into the interior of your salon, spa or office. When…

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Climate Control with Shutters & Blinds

Even if you are a climate change skeptic, our extensive Okanagan flooding this year and annual risk of extreme fire continually beckons us to spend as much time as possible outdoors. The Well Dressed Window in Kelowna can help you acclimate to our diverse seasonal temperature changes and blindingly sunny days by offering an extensive…

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Okanagan Sunshine and Shade & Blind Solutions

Welcome back to our blazing time of year again here in the stunning Okanagan Valley! If you are already dreading this year’s air conditioning bills, you are not alone. Heating and air conditioning costs continually fluctuate, drastically impacting a household’s budget. If you are hoping to free up some extra money each month by reducing…

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Master Bedroom Makeover

  What is the current status of your Master Bedroom these days? Is it the romantic haven you always envisioned; organized, symmetrical and appealing to both parties? Do you walk into your bedroom and immediately smile and feel relaxed? If your private oasis has become a magnet for mountains of clean laundry and does not…

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