Custom Bedding


Recently I had the opportunity to add custom bedding to a room where I had designed decorative side panels to go with their cellular top down bottom up blinds. The blinds were the functional component to the window creating privacy at night but the cobalt blue and teal peacock feather side panels took the room to another level of design. They had a panoramic view of the lake that was just begging to be framed. The whispy feathers against the white linen was a dramatic splash of color. Having been invited back to continue the project the following spring we added emerald green to the the teal/ blue pallette. We selected two ensembles of fabrics to create a reversible coverlet and euro pillows so that the bedding had two completely different looks. One for the winter and one for the summer. It was hard to pick which side was the favourite! After reupholstering the chair in the room the end result was a spectacular splash of color against a white backdrop.

Custom bedding and drapes