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Modern Window Coverings and Other Ways to Modernize Your Kitchen

Modern Window Coverings and Other Ways to Modernize Your Kitchen


Whether you’ve been saving up for that new faucet or are just getting bored with your current setup, there are plenty of ways to modernize your kitchen. Modern window coverings can make your kitchen more homey and comfortable, and new appliances can help make your home more energy-efficient and improve your cooking situation.

Below are a few ideas to help get you planning your new kitchen makeover.


Decorate Your Kitchen Starting With Modern Window Coverings


While decorating your kitchen isn’t often at the top of many people’s lists, doing so can help make your kitchen stand out even more in your home.

Modern window coverings are one of the easiest ways to do this. There is a huge selection of options available to you including different styles of blinds, shades, and drapes. Choose the pattern that matches your décor or simply upgrade your blinds to block out (or let in) more sun.

You can also hang up art, add a few plants on top of your cupboards, or even showcase a family kitchen heirloom set like fine china or teacups.


Modern kitchen with new flooring


Swap Out Your Current Flooring


Don’t just focus on everything at countertop height either. Changing out your flooring can dramatically improve the look and feel of your kitchen.

The trendiest flooring types currently are hardwood, tile, or stone and each offers a plethora of options to choose from with regards to colour and pattern. You’ll also get the benefit of the longevity of these materials compared to materials of old so you won’t have to replace them again as soon.


Upgrade Your Countertops


Your countertops are often one of the most noticeable aspects of your kitchen when you first walk in and make for an excellent choice to modernize as well.

Like flooring options, countertops come in an array of materials, colours, and patterns. We recommend ones that mimic marble as both grey and white are the hottest colours of 2021 so far.


Add More Seating


Don’t make your guests stand around like they’re at a bar, this is your home and your kitchen is a great place to set up more seating. Some of the most popular modern arrangements are breakfast bars or bench seating at a window-side table.


Modern kitchen with trendy lighting


Change Out Your Lighting


Finally, don’t forget the lights. Good lighting essential for a kitchen especially since it helps you see and ensure your food is properly cooked.

Modernize your kitchen with ambient lighting or a dimmer switch to set the appropriate mood or install a more modern chandelier to better go with your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Not all lighting has to be set up overhead either. Get creative and install it in recessed walls or even under countertops.

Your kitchen is often a place people congregate, so make it a fun place you enjoy cooking or baking in. There are plenty of options to modernize it to your tastes, so research what you like and start renovating!



Get modern window coverings that add that final piece to your kitchen. Contact us today to get more info!