A Restful Holiday Guest Bedroom



Having the morning sun streaming into a window can sound really romantic but not when it’s at the expense of a good night’s sleep! This beautiful farmhouse guest bedroom was a source of frustration for company that would come for summer holidays when the sun was at its brightest. With the crack of dawn, the time for sleeping was over even with the wood blinds closed tight. The wood slats just weren’t enough to make the room dark so something had to be done.

The bright sea foam coloured walls were a bit overpowering so the room needed to be toned down without spending money on repainting. A chocolate colored setee sofa and a dark bedspread also contributed to the harsh colours. Strategic changes were made by adding blackout drapery in a toned down colour pallette. Layers of pale blue, grey and cream floral were selected in a linen fabric by Kravet. The heavy striped bedspread was replaced by a seafoam check print coverlet and shams were made with a hounds tooth print. Some of the existing decorative pillows were incorporated in the bedding ensemble which maximized what was already in the room. When completed, the room had blackout drapery for sleeping and a friendly facelift that welcomed guests to stay for a restful holiday!