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Master Bedroom Makeover

Master Bedroom Makeover


What is the current status of your Master Bedroom these days? Is it the romantic haven you always envisioned; organized, symmetrical and appealing to both parties? Do you walk into your bedroom and immediately smile and feel relaxed? If your private oasis has become a magnet for mountains of clean laundry and does not provide you the precious sleeping environment you deserve; it is time to make some positive changes! Particularly if bent blinds or tacked up blankets constitute your current window covering solutions…With over 2 and a half decades of experience in fashion design and a passion for textures, colours and fabrics, I can help you transform the look and feel of any room in your home. The Well Dressed Window has proudly been transforming residential and commercial spaces within the Okanagan and would love to offer you a consultation.

Ambient Light vs. Sleep Quality

The amount of existing light that enters your room can dramatically affect your quality of sleep. Many of us Kelowna city dwellers have a street light in close proximity to our master bedroom. This can wreak havoc on our body’s ability to achieve REM sleep and leave many feeling foggy during the day; contributing to sleep deprivation over time. Those who work on night shift or afternoons find themselves stuck in the same boat. It is amazing the difference of incorporating black out blinds from Hunter Douglas’ wide selection or custom draperies can make on your master bedroom’s sleep situation.

Symmetrical Fabrics and Custom Headboards

Ever notice how your vacation resorts pull their bedrooms together to create a luxurious vibe? Commonly, the headboard matches the custom draperies which often tie in or match the bedding or accent pillows. These harmonious bedroom design styles enable your eyes and body to relax and unwind with soothing, repetitive patterns or sleek solids. I can help you choose high quality fabrics that will allow you to achieve the cohesive and welcoming atmosphere you crave for your master bedroom or any room in your home. Are you inspired by your wall color or is there a special memento in your room we can base your bedroom overhaul on? When you surround yourself with comfy textures and your favourite palette; you will find yourself sleeping snugly and sensationally.

Re-Thinking Window Treatments

Relying on dust attracting, bendy blinds that easily become damaged can affect the look of any room. Save yourself from miles of knotted cords and making the best of what limited choices the store has to offer. Custom window treatments fit correctly and do their job. Control the amount of ambient light entering and define your space. Hunter Douglas offers a multitude of energy saving window treatments to help trap heat and block out ultraviolet rays. Shutters, Roman blinds, vertical and horizontal selections abound. I look forward to meeting with you and helping you customize your space. Inject your personality into every room with a practicality that stands the test of time. It is always exciting to work with clients to transform wishes into reality and unleash the potential that every room holds.

Contact Michelle for a consultation to discuss your next window treatment makeover! (250) 215-4039