Robert Allen Embroidered Linen Drapery in Hampton Style Home


Robert Allen Embroidered Linen Drapery Kelowna

We waited a long time for this fabric to arrive but it was worth it!  I love the basket weave linen with the corded circles on this Robert Allen fabric.  Over the last few years drapery hardware has turned a corner with the introduction of hollowed out decorator rods.  They are called Channel Rods and what makes them special is that they allow draperies to move freely along the length of a wall or window unobstructed by brackets that are normally in the way.  For this home the end result was stunning.   When the big doors are open, allowing the summer breeze to spill in, the panels are out of the flow of traffic taking backstage to the greenery outside.  Then, in seasons not inclined to open doors, the panels are distributed along the length of the glass framing the view of an awaiting summer season.