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Fixes to Common Blinds Problems  

Fixes to Common Blinds Problems  

Window coverings are known to last for many years without issues, however, occasionally some issues do pop up. Luckily, there are plenty of simple, easy fixes for these issues so you don’t have to go out and buy all new window coverings. Below we answer how to fix broken vertical blinds, how to fix horizontal tilt blinds, and other common issues as well. 

How to Fix Broken Vertical Blinds If They Get Stuck 

Vertical blinds are often a great choice to cover up big picture windows or sliding glass doors. However, they won’t do you much good if they’re stuck. One quick fix is to check to see that all the blinds are uniformly arranged and none of them are overlapping with each other. Simply rotate them back into position if this is the case. 

If not, spritz some silicon spray in the headrail of the vertical blinds or on the inside track of the vertical blinds themselves. Then, work the blinds back and forth to get them to smoothly spread the silicon coating and your blinds should glide like butter 

Corded Horizontal Blinds That Tilt Won’t Open 

While wands are typically more common for horizontal blinds, corded blinds are also a popular choice. For those having issues with the cord tilt, the likelihood is that the string just came off the plastic wheel that’s just inside the headrail. While it might seem complicated to fix at first glance, the reality is that it’s actually really easy to resolve. 

Simply take off your blinds and lay them down (it makes it much easier than trying to do it while they’re still on). Next, you’ll want to look for the small roller wheel in the headrail the blinds hang from. The string that sits on this wheel can get wrapped around it, so just move the strands back onto their proper wheel.   

Vertical blind slatsVertical Blind Slat Breaks 

Although perfect for privacy, curious children or pets can sometimes rip a vertical blind slat from the roller. They are designed to be removed easily for cleaning and replacement, but the clip hole on each slat can get torn if yankedon hard enough which makes it impossible to reattach to the headrail again. If possible to do through the material, you can simply flip the slat around and make a new hole with a hole punch. 

However, because that’s not the most sightly fix, you can also tape a paper clip to the area the hole is so that the headrail clip has something to latch onto again until you find a replacement slat.  

Fixed roller blindsRepair the Continuous Cord Loop Chain on Roller Shades 

Roller shades often come with a continuous cord chain that makes it simple to roll the shades up to let in the light or down for a darker room and more privacy. If you’ve been having a frustrating day though and yank a bit too hard on the chain it can get stuck. 

If the shades won’t roll down, start by manually rolling them back up. If they’re already up, then the next step is to take the roller shade off the wall. Each end of a roller slide has plastic caps, but we’re only interested in the side that has the chain on it. Remove the plastic cap on that end and it should pop off or at least be removable after loosening any screws.  

There is a “gear” inside that the chain for the shade runs through which is likely where your chain is getting stuck. Just reinsert the beads on the chain or adjust them so that the gear rotates smoothly. Pop the gear back into your shades, put the cap on, place the shades back on the wall and you’re ready to go! 

You’re now well-equipped to handle any fixes that need to be done on your shades. 



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