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Tips for Hanging Curtains Without Drilling Holes

Tips for Hanging Curtains Without Drilling Holes

Whether you’re looking to maximize your privacy or block out any unwanted light, curtains are a great window covering option that look stylish while also helping to keep your home cozy and warm. While the normal installation process for curtains often includes drilling into walls, those renting might find themselves unable to put holes in walls at their landlord’s request. If this is your situation and you’re still looking for a way to hang curtains without damaging the walls, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve highlighted a few ways to hang curtains without drilling holes that will help you maximize your privacy while also making your space look great!

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Hanging Curtains Without Drilling Holes: Utilize Tension Rods

When you think about tension rods, the first thing that might come to mind is how they are commonly used to hang shower curtains in bathrooms. But if you have traditional paned windows with frames, a tension rod is the perfect solution to hang curtains without needing to put holes in the walls. Simply find a tension rod that will stretch from one side of the window frame to the other and use it to hang your curtains. If you’re looking to install a heavier blackout curtain, make sure you choose a thicker tension rod that will be able to handle the weight, while a thinner, sheer curtain will require a thinner tension rod.

Use Command Hooks

Command hooks are a great solution for hanging curtains without having to drill into the walls. While they are commonly used for hanging photos and small hooks and shelves, Command sells metal hooks that are specifically designed to hold curtain rods, making them a fantastic option for those unable to mark up the walls of their space. Measure and install the Command hooks to the specifications of your windows and finish the space by adding the curtains of your choice. They are a great drill-free solution to maximizing your privacy and blocking out unwanted light.

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Suspend a Curtain Rod from the Ceiling

In some cases, it might not be a landlord preventing you from drilling into the walls, but an unwieldy wall material such as cinder block or crumbly plaster. In this case, you might be better off trying to suspend your curtains from the ceiling. This is a great choice for those with high-set windows, as suspending the curtain rod will look natural and will help make the room appear taller than it is. Look for a ceiling-mount bracket to hold the curtain rod, and after installing it, finish the project by hanging the curtains of your choice!

Being in a space where you can’t put holes in the walls might feel limiting, but with these handy tips for hanging curtains, you can help maximize your privacy and make your home look great!



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