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Embroidered Kravet Drapes

Embroidered Kravet Drapes


When a homeowner sets out to build a new home, much planning is put into the project.  From concept to completion it can take two years before the key locks the front door.  Setting out on this journey can start with much enthusiasm and then as time goes along, having selected fabulous plumbing, state of the art toilets, in floor heating and, wow, did you see that elevator?  After all the internal selections have been made and the time comes for the highly visual decisions, the energy to carry on begins to wane.  The best part of the project often has the homeowner depleted and ready to just forget it.  I say, wait until the dust has settled, the strength has been replenished and then keep going.  It’s worth it!

This homeowner got this process right!  She took time off from a busy build and waited until she was ready to go for another round.  The furniture had been selected and set up into the living space but something was missing….drapery!  A large space with large windows needs to be anchored and the view framed.  With a panoramic view of the city and lake below, these large windows were begging to be decorated.  Daring to be bold, an embroidered printed linen from Kravet was selected as side panels to pair with the linen sheers on the rod behind.  Using custom painted channel rods, the 16ft wide space was easy to work with because the brackets didn’t interfere with the rods.  To filter the blazing summer sun the sheers were made to cover the windows completely as an alternative to contemporary looking rollershades.  Achieving the same purpose, the sheers added to the drama of the beautiful side panels on this dual channel rod treatment. 

To top off this beautiful hint of colour, the same treatment was repeated in the adjoining dining room and three roman shades to match were added to the bank of small windows which wrapped their way into the kitchen. 

Having received abundant feedback from this display of colour, it was a surprise to everyone to see how many men commented on the finished project.  Truly worth waiting for!

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