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Privacy vs. Ambiance: Hunter Douglas Blinds Provide Both

Privacy vs. Ambiance: Hunter Douglas Blinds Provide Both

Photo credit: Hunter Douglas

Craving natural light yet wanting to be in control of your privacy are common themes. While we naturally feel better with Vitamin D exposure and our houseplants rely on it, there is something to be said for not having your neighbours witness your every move! The Well Dressed Window in Kelowna offers a stunning selection of Hunter Douglas Motorized Blinds and Rollershades that enable you to enjoy the best of both worlds!

The Beauty of Motorized Blinds

All Hunter Douglas specialty blinds have the ability to be motorized. There is no need to sacrifice style over function. Choose from any of the Pirouettes, Silhouettes or Duettes and never have to struggle with twisting rods or unsightly cords ever again! These are wonderful for young families and retirees alike. Arthritic fingers can simply use a button mechanism and kids are immediately much safer with a lack of dangling cords. Some clients have unfortunately had their cat or dog destroy their window coverings accidentally when previous cords moved with the breeze! Remove all of these obstacles from your windows by opting to have Hunter Douglas integrate motorized blinds into any home automation system! Smart home technology has advanced far beyond temperature control and alarm systems. Simplify your life and enjoy the flexibility of adjusting your lighting and privacy controls throughout the day and night. If you are tired of opening your window coverings before work and coming home to a sauna and ridiculous air conditioning bills…Hunter Douglas motorized blinds offer exceptional solutions!

Okanagan Rollershades

By far the most popular choice for window coverings in the Okanagan; Rollershades enable you enjoy portions of your view while simultaneously achieving privacy. Keep your sunsets, sunrises and lake views without staring at the neighbours too! Another popular feature is their ability to minimize heat entering your home during the summer due to tier light filtering abilities. One key note is that Hunter Douglas Rollershades offer less night time privacy as they can be seen through in the evening. However, there are options available for textured blackout Rollershades to keep light out and enhance privacy. It is important to take your views into consideration when outfitting your window coverings to ensure you are meeting all of your privacy and lighting requirements. The Well Dressed Window can is happy to explain the details of each window covering during your consultation to help you decide on the right features.

Enhancing Your Home

There are so many interesting style choices and options to consider when revamping your windows. Great window coverings like Hunter Douglas’ product line add function, versatility and aesthetic appeal to every room. Save on energy costs and complete your interior design by choosing the right window coverings to complete your look. Privacy and natural light is something we all treasure and rely on. Enjoy optimizing both features in your residential or commercial space and book your consultation with The Well Dressed Window today! Minimize distractions and noise or let the great outdoors fashionably inside! We have the perfect window treatments for every window in your world. Michelle from The Well Dressed Window in Kelowna is excited to help you discover the possibilities!

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