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Three Best Ways to Keep Your Window Blinds Clean

Three Best Ways to Keep Your Window Blinds Clean



Clean your blinds easily! Cleaning blinds can be a nuisance but it’s a necessary evil. We have the 3 best tips and tricks that will allow you to clean your blinds easily. You’ll find that your blinds are dust collectors and all it takes is a window’s breeze to spread that dust throughout your home. It’s also never an appealing factor to have grime and sticky residue on your blinds. But don’t fret, there’s a variety of different ways you can clean your blinds depending on the blind material, and you’ll already have most of the supplies in your home. 


1. Vacuuming Blinds

Vacuuming might do all the work for you. It’s the easiest way to clean your blinds. Try gently vacuuming your blinds with a brush head and a low suction setting. If your suction setting is too high, you might end up warping your slats. Make sure to always follow the direction of the blinds. IE if your blinds are horizontal then vacuum side to side, if they’re vertical then vacuum downward. Don’t vacuum your vertical blinds upwards because they might come unhooked and fall.  



A photo of clean wooden blinds


2. Spot Clean Blinds with Vinegar and Water

If you’re noticing some spots are harder to get off your blinds, mix a bowl of half water half vinegar. Then dip a microfibre cloth in the mixture and wipe your blinds. But be sure not to soak your blinds with the mixture or it will lead to discolouration, spotting, and warping. 



A photo of clean wooden blinds



3. Clean Blinds with Soapy Water

If you want to spot clean your blinds, use a microfiber cloth dampened with soapy water. This method works great on vinyl and fabric blinds. Apply that to the spot, but don’t over-saturate as that will lead to discolouration. Let the shades dry completely before raising them. Remember to never soak them, especially wooden blinds. If you want to speed up the process, you can take your blinds down from your window, lay them out and wipe them on a clean, soft surface.


A photo of clean aluminum blinds




Tips to save you more time 

  • common method when cleaning blinds is to soak blinds in your bathtub, but we don’t recommend this method. After soaking your blinds, you might notice mineral deposits left after they dry.
  • You can clean your vertical blinds by using a lint roller and rolling downwards. 
  • Attach a microfibre cloth to tongs, and you have a new blind cleaning tool! 
  • Use a dryer sheet to quickly dust your blinds. 


There you have it! You now know how to easily clean your blinds! Want to upgrade your blinds to be less maintenance? Contact us for more information!