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Mixed Textures in a Modern Home

Mixed Textures in a Modern Home


When renovating a home there’s an art to using what you have and adding completely new elements. This home renovation was stripped down to just a few walls from the existing structure. The charm of an old, wide arched doorway became a source of inspiration as the house was being rebuilt with a modern flair. A panoramic view of the city made wall to wall windows a key ingredient. Concrete flooring and high gloss cabinets were all elements that needed to be softened once the home was completed. With layers of white and grey being the main colour scheme, the house was given white linen Hunter Douglas rollershades for sun protection and privacy.
Mixing textures that seem to oppose each other balance out harsh elements such as a concrete floors, wide windows and high gloss cabinets. Adding linen sheers was the winning ticket that brought softness into this modern home. The filmy fabric was stacked as side panels but also had the ability to close in the heat of the summer. The mirrored chrome channel rods that were used added the additional glitz to an overall white palette.



Owner and founder of the Well Dressed Window, Michelle Henseleit has fifteen years of experience designing bridal gowns. Michelle’s passion for fabrics, colors, and textures inspired her to look beyond the garment industry and led her to create custom window treatments. With a degree in fashion design and over 25 years experience, she knows how to select from thousands of choices to find the fabric that is right for your home with a budget that works for you. She believes that draperies are what bring all components of a room together to complete your look.

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