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Fun Window Treatments Ideas for Your Home

Fun Window Treatments Ideas for Your Home

Windows are an important part of any home, but who says you have to stick to one type of treatment for every room in your home? While curtains and blinds are the most common go-to choice for many people there are still plenty of different variants of those that can look just as good if not better. Even classic curtains and drapes can have a fun twist by having your logo or custom artwork put on them as a pattern or screen. Here are some unique window treatment ideas you may not have thought of for your home. 

Window Treatment Ideas: Wood Blinds 

Wooden blinds are a great addition to any window to give that room more of a designer look and their neutral look complements many different styles making them a simple addition to your home to make the room pop. 

Plus, there are a wide array of finishes that offer a wide range of customizable options like bamboo and pine. 


Another unique look for windows, there’s a reason shutters have been used in windows for many years. They are also highly durable and are known to last for many years due to their design. Excellent for controlling light, perfect to add for extra privacy, and a stylish addition to any home, shutters are a popular choice for a reason. 

Roman shades window ideaRoman Shades 

One of the most customizable options on the list, roman shades stand out with their unique design. Closed, they look like a long panel of fabric, while open they sort of resemble a layered ruffle. These can also come in motorized options as well for simple and easy adjustment. 

They also give the impression of drapery as well if you want an original look while still emulating drapes. Easily the most customizable option on this list, roman shades come in a huge selection of fabrics to choose from to fit the style of any room.  

Pleated Shades 

Highly affordable and simple to set up, pleated shades also have more of a modern look than regular blinds. They’re especially perfect for bedrooms since they come in room-darkening options ensuring that you can get a good night’s sleep. Like roman shades, these are also highly customizable and come in motorized variants. They also offer a simple way of adding a little more insulation to windows as well.  

Mini blinds window treatmentMini Blinds 

Although they’re definitely the most affordable option on this list, they are by no means less stylish. Low maintenance and easy to keep clean, they can be selected in different thicknesses as well. They’re also easy to adjust so you can let in however much light you choose. Like so many other options we’ve mentioned they come in a wide variety of colours to choose from, but also different materials like aluminum and vinyl. 

Cellular/Honeycomb Shades 

If you’re looking for the window treatment that does it all this one is the best choice. Unlike the aforementioned options, these one are the most energy-efficient as they insulate windows very well. They work both ways too, keeping cool air trapped in winter and warm air in the summer to provide consistent temperature in a room. Room darkening options are also available for this type of window treatment as well to keep rooms dark when you want them to be. Plus, these shades can be motorized too for even easier use and come in cordless options. 

Clearly, there are many different window treatment ideas available to choose from. Hopefully you have enough inspiration for your next window treatment or project to add a unique flavour to your home by adding a little something to your windows. 



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