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How High to Hang Curtains Above a Window

How High to Hang Curtains Above a Window

Curtains are an essential part of any bedroom or living room. Not only do they work to block out harsh, direct sunlight to help you sleep better, but they can also add some texture and colour to any room. While hanging curtains properly can sometimes be a challenging task, you can achieve a clean, polished look if you take the time to follow the correct steps.

We’ve put these steps together so you can know exactly how high to hang curtains and curtain rods above your windows.

Determine How High to Hang Your Curtains

The first step in hanging curtains is determining exactly how high to hang them. This will often depend on the height of your ceilings. For standard drapes, the typical height for hanging is halfway between the top of the window trim and the ceiling. If you have vaulted or cathedral ceilings, you typically want to leave four to six inches above the window trim as a guideline. Where you choose to mount your curtain rod can help add the illusion of height, which can be beneficial for rooms with low ceilings.

Kitchen with bold curtains

Choose Your Curtains

When choosing the right curtains for your space, the most important thing to take into consideration is the length and width. Make sure that any curtain panels will be wide enough to cover the windows, or double up on panels to ensure you won’t have any pesky slivers of sunlight peeking through. Length is also important, as curtains that are too small can make your space look shorter, while curtains that are too long can turn into potential tripping hazards. If you want curtains that will make a statement, consider something with a bright colour or bold pattern.

Floor length grey curtains hung above window

Choose Your Hardware

Curtains are not the only thing to take into consideration when hanging window coverings, as you will require curtain rods to hang the curtains from. When choosing the right curtain rod for your space, you’ll want to take colour into consideration as well as length. Typically, you will want to mount your curtain rod to extend 3 to 6 inches past either side of the window frame. This will allow the curtains to cover the window frame, which can help block out any unwanted sunlight.

Whether you’re hanging curtains to help darken a bedroom or living room, or simply want to add an extra design element to your space, knowing how high to hang curtains above your windows can help you achieve the look you want.



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