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Why Hunter Douglas UltraGlide Blinds Stand Out From Others

Why Hunter Douglas UltraGlide Blinds Stand Out From Others

When it comes to blinds and other window treatments, they’re usually not at the top of our priority list for home improvements. However, not only can good quality blinds make a difference in the aesthetic of your home, but they also come with other significant benefits. Hunter Douglas UltraGlide blinds in particular offer some notable advantages that make them stand out from others.

Below are 3 reasons why you should consider setting them up on your windows at home.

Why Choose Hunter Douglas UltraGlide Window Treatments: Light Control and Privacy

Although traditionally window treatments have been thought of as nothing more than a simple way to completely block sunlight, now they can do much more than that. There are a wide range of ways to control the natural light beaming into your home, especially with Hunter Douglas blinds. For example, the top-down/bottom-up operating system that comes with some Hunter Douglas blinds allows for easy privacy control while still benefiting from easy light control.

Another Hunter Douglas innovation includes their new LightLock™ system that uses U-shaped side channels that fit seamlessly into the window overlapping the front and back of the shades. This style of window treatment is perfect for both bedrooms and media rooms where blocking out as much light as possible is important.

Hunter Douglas Blinds seen from exterior of new home

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

No one likes a high energy bill so stop dealing with them. Energy efficiency in your home doesn’t have to involve a complete refit of your heating and cooling system. Instead, focus on your windows. As much as 30% of heating and cooling loss happens through poorly insulated windows!

Hunter Douglas UltraGlide blinds and others can be a cost-effective solution for keeping warm or cool air inside your home. These blinds lie perfectly between the frame of your window, trapping in heat and cool air.

Dependable Window Treatments for Years to Come

If you’re happy with the window treatments you like, why buy them twice? Hunter Douglas blinds are known to last for many years and offer a lifetime limited warranty.

Each of their blinds also offers built-in safety features designed to keep both pets and children safe when around your window treatments.

Your windows can be an additional part of your aesthetic, so consider them when designing a room. Hunter Douglas offers a wide range of options to choose from perfect for any style of window.



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