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Hunter Douglas Blinds Kelowna: Revamp Your Interior in 2018!

Hunter Douglas Blinds Kelowna: Revamp Your Interior in 2018!

The Well Dressed Window wishes everyone a Happy New Year Kelowna! Welcome in 2018 with some new style and overhaul your window treatments. It is amazing how much influence blinds, shades, drapery or sheers can bring to a space.

Simply changing which type of window coverings you are using can dramatically affect your ambiance and the entire mood within a room. As you glance about your living room, dining room, bedrooms or office, do you love what you see? Perhaps it is time to unleash a new style vibe this new year! Book your window transformation with The Well Dressed Window in Kelowna today and let’s get creative!

Comfort Control

A significant amount of airflow can seep throughout windows, causing a tremendous amount of fluctuation with your energy bill costs during winter and summer months in Kelowna. Trapping the heat within the room or not allowing air-conditioned heat to escape is something that is possible with correctly fitted window coverings.

Comfort also extends beyond temperature of course. The ability to arrive at home after work or vacation to a home that looks “lived in” can greatly increase your safety and security. Hunter Douglas offers motorization options for every one of their blinds. This easy programmable system can be set on a timer or initiated with the touch of a button thanks to superior technology.

Having your window treatments capable of automatically opening, closing and moving wirelessly adds to your cozy and occupied vibe. If anyone with nefarious intentions is thinking of committing a crime, your house will definitely be less of a target with adjustable, motorized Hunter Douglas blinds!

From Funky Florals & Punchy Prints To Stately Streamlined

Deciding on which colours and textures to switch things up with can be as simple as noting your favourite items within a room. Does an Ikat pillow keep drawing you in? Maybe a plain sea foam green souvenir from your last trip to the ocean is beckoning.

Inspiration can be found all around you. With zillions of colour and pattern options, your drapes, blinds, sheers and valances can either blend into your neutral background or pop off of the walls as statement items. Regardless, if you are seeking a Zen inspired, minimalistic vibe or desire a wild and memorable wall, The Well Dressed Window has all of the latest options to consider.

Sweet Details & Stunning Kelowna Views

It can be fun to experiment with the stainless steel or wrought iron metal additions on the edges of your curtain rods in order to add the final touch and pull the entire look together. Other clients prefer to personalize their space with layered look of sheers and corresponding drapery.

Having opaque sheers promotes privacy yet lets the light shine through. Perhaps, you want to enjoy your view of Okanagan Lake or Kelowna’s stunning mountains and trees and prefer a sheer version instead. The Well Dressed Window has sensational selection of plain and printed sheer options in see-through material or heavier gauge to complement your lifestyle preferences.

Tis’ the Season Of Sleep in Kelowna!

We naturally want to hibernate during the winter season and channel our inner bear. This is common during colder, darker months with less sunshine to motivate us! Honour your inner cycles and include some blackout blinds to promote a deep, blissful master bedroom.

Your kid’s will sleep more soundly too if there is no glaring street light peeking through their bedroom windows! Imagine how much more enjoyable your visits will be with your Alberta family and friends when they sleep in until BC time and don’t wake your house up an hour earlier than normal! Don’t forget about your spare bedroom for those black out window treatments!

Whatever you have in mind for your window transformation, The Well Dressed Window in Kelowna is ready to deliver! Contact us today!