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Enhance Your Sleep with Hunter Douglas Motorized Blinds

Enhance Your Sleep with Hunter Douglas Motorized Blinds

The Well Dressed Window, centrally located in Kelowna, is your local authorized Hunter Douglas provider of blinds, sheers, shutters, and Hunter Douglas motorized blinds. We can help create the ambiance you desire, the privacy you crave, and help reduce your energy costs with the right window treatments.  

Hunter Douglas: Motorized for Superior Function & Style 

Hunter Douglas motorized blinds offer superior function and gorgeous design. Hunter Douglas blinds, shutters and window treatments are known for their exceptional quality and style. If you’re looking for innovative window coverings that offer style and function, Hunter Douglas motorized blinds will transform the look and feel of any room.  

Take charge of your light, safety, energy costs and privacy requirements by choosing these stylish and practical window treatments.  

Gradually Wake Up With Automated Window Coverings 

We’re designed to wake up during the light sleep stage. If you frequently wake up feeling exhausted or groggy and struggle to get out of bed to open your window, blinds, and shutters, then Hunter Douglas motorized blinds are the perfect solution. 

Pre-schedule your wake up with Hunter Douglas motorized blinds and automated window coveringsWaking up to natural light is an exceptional way to help people get up gradually and on time in the mornings. For those who frequently press snooze or oversleep, automated window coverings can ease the difficulties of waking up on time. Studies show that waking up with light that gradually gets brighter, such as waking up with the sunrise, helps us wake up feeling much more refreshed. With Hunter Douglas motorized blinds, you can wake up to natural light and feel more alert and prepared us for the day ahead.  

Improve your Sleep Pattern with Hunter Douglas Motorized Blinds 

regular sleep pattern will reinforce your circadian rhythm and help you wake up feeling more alert and refreshed. A key component of consistently waking at the same time each day is being exposed to 15 to 30 minutes of sunlight upon awakening. This reinforces the body’s circadian rhythm and enhances your alertness in the morning.  

Explore our Hunter Douglas motorized blind options for the bedrooms in your home and improve your sleep. PowerView Pebble remotes are another great way to simplify your skyline and automate your window coverings.  

Hunter Douglas Motorized Blinds at The Well Dressed Window 

The Well Dressed Window is proud to be Kelowna’s authorized Hunter Douglas provider for their blinds, shutters and window coverings. View our micro site for a complete list of our Hunter Douglas motorized blinds and products to choose from.  

Hunter Douglas motorized blinds enables your window treatments to anticipate the morning sunrise, helping you wake up refreshed and on-time. Create the ideal lighting at any time and personalize your ambiance. The Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization won the prestigious 2016 Red Dot Design Award, a highly coveted achievement within the world of design.  

The Well Dressed Window in Kelowna can help you select the best automated window coverings that suit your style and budget. We love helping clients enhance their view, improving privacy, solving lighting dilemmas, and increasing their energy management. Isn’t it time you loved every room in your home?

Contact us at 250-215-4039 today to set up a time to discuss your options, view swatches, choose the best automated window covering and take the appropriate measurements.