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Modern Window Coverings Ideas for Every Room of Your Home  

Modern Window Coverings Ideas for Every Room of Your Home  

A simple way to refresh your home design is to decorate it using modern window coverings. Of course, there are a variety of ways to achieve this. You could simply add new curtains, or even make the jump from horizontal to vertical blinds. 

Below we detail some of the main ways you can modernize your window coverings and breathe new life into any room within your home. 

How to Use Modern Window Coverings in a Contemporary Space 

One of the most common trends for modern window treatments is to keep them simple with clean lines. Most modern interiors aren’t filled with vibrant colours—contemporary homes will often have a neutral colour palette.  

This makes them a great choice for modern window coverings that have bold colours or patterns to use as accent pieces to a room. For rooms where you want to preserve incredible views solar shades are a great choice.  

Modern dining room with modern blindsThe Best Types of Blinds to Use 

Not all blinds are created equal, especially ones with cords. Corded blinds are typically standard across most modern blinds, but for a more sleek look, there are plenty of cordless varieties. These are especially perfect for homes with young kids or pets since they won’t get tangled or play with the cord. 

For the ultimate cordless look for modern window coverings get motorized cordless blinds. They are easy to use and can make it easy to adjust light without having to reach for dangling cords. 

Window Coverings for Large Windows 

Panel-track blinds are one of the newest trends in the installation of larger windows. These blinds are perfect for large floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding patio doors. Panel-track blinds can also be used as a handy room divider as well.  

Panel track blinds are offered in many different types and colours of fabric. These include anything from textured fabrics for an earthy feel to light-filtering and room-darkening for less harsh lighting. They’ve become increasingly popular because of their clean look and ease of use. 

Best 2020 Colours for Window Coverings 

This year, Pantone named classic blue as the colour of the year. To pair this colour, try out a coastal theme for a room. To further complement to it, you could add fresh greens, blues, and crisp whites to the room through window coverings. 

Modern window coverings are one of the best ways to add that extra accent to a room to make it feel complete. Following the above tips, you’re sure to create a space that wows your guests and makes your home feel whole. 



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