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Unique Window Coverings That Will Wow Any Guest

Unique Window Coverings That Will Wow Any Guest

Who says you need drapes to dress up your windows? Many people have found innovative and fun alternatives to classic drapes to really bring your windows to life. Below are some unique window coverings that are perfect for a variety of styles and homes.  

Unique Window Coverings: Using a Stenciled Sign 

This is a great way of working more wood styling into your home. Instead of using a cloth valance, sand and stain a piece of wood and add your own custom stencil to it. It could simply have the names of everyone in your family or even more of a custom art piece with intricate detailsNot sure which windows to hang it on? Place it in your kitchen to highlight it without drawing too much attention to it. 

A Wooden Privacy Screen 

Another great idea for adding wood elements to a room, this idea is perfect for those who want to add a rustic element to their home. Cover up your large bay windows with a farm-gate style privacy screen to complement your country-styled room. As a DIY project, it doesn’t take much since all you need are tongue-and-groove pine boards and basic hinges. 

Using Frosted Glass in a Fun Way 

Frosted glass is often used for privacy in medical facilities, but you can also have fun with it in your own home too. Create fun designs, block sunlight from annoying angles, or simply add it to your windows for more privacy.  

Stained glass window coveringMake Your Own Stained Glass 

Stained glass is known for being beautiful, but it’s also incredibly expensive so what can you do instead? Simple, you can make your own, sort of. Get the appropriately-sized piece of glass for the window you want to cover, some lead adhesive strips, and some glass paint. By making your own stained glass pane you can add a more “home-y” element to any room. 

Rustic Wooden Shutters 

Yes, another wood idea, but a simple one again as well. Shutters don’t necessarily need to be on the outside of your home, you can just as easily put them on the inside of your windows to limit the sun or add more privacy. 

Like the aforementioned stained glass idea, you can also custom build these to the perfect size for your windows. For the full-on rustic look use distressed paint and barn door handles. 

Hanging herb garden in front of windowHanging Herb Garden 

Home-grown food always tastes great and herbs are no exception. Why not take advantage of a rarely used window for growing herbs? Hang planters from window railings or dowels and get both food and more greenery in your home. 

If you need a splash of colour, swap out the herbs for flowers to brighten up the room. 

Dual Valance and Shade 

If you still want the functionality of shades but want your windows to also have a valance this is the perfect DIY project for you. This unique window covering also hides the shade element and requires minimal supplies to get started. 

Macrame Valance 

Finally, if you just want to accent your windows macrame is a great option. Hang it from the window railing using rope, nylon cord, or jute and create a design and colours that complement your room. 

There are more than a few options than simply curtains to hang as unique window coverings. The above ideas will give you a place to help your home feel more like a home. 



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