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Kelowna Blinds for Screen Porches, Patios & Deck Additions

Kelowna Blinds for Screen Porches, Patios & Deck Additions

 The scorching Okanagan summer brings crowds to visit from all over the globe. We are fortunate to have four distinct seasons here and many outdoor activities to enjoy. Kelowna blinds make everything more enjoyable in terms of heat, ambiance and privacy. The Well Dressed Windows has all of your interior and exterior solutions. Upgrade your Kelowna blinds for screen porches, patios and decks to maximize your outdoor living year-round in our mildly wonderful climate!

Exterior Kelowna Blinds = Porch, Deck & Patio Bliss

If you are concerned with nosy neighbours, crazy bugs, excess noise or an unsightly neighbourly view, we have the answers! Affordable and stylish, there are many privacy and UV solutions available. Enjoy working outside on your deck and use your exterior as a home office, a place to entertain or even as extra guest sleeping quarters!

Remote Controlled Kelowna Blinds Simplify Your Life

Imagine pre-programming your window coverings according to the sun or your schedule. If you are coming home during the heat of the day to a stifling home, we can help! Hunter Douglas motorized blinds give you the flexibility to take control of heat and privacy. After all…they say it is only going to get hotter in the future. Avoid excessive air-conditioning costs and sweaty gatherings by switching up your Kelowna blinds to reflect the season and your style.

condo-solarium-exterior-shade-Kelowna-blinds-The-Well-Dressed-WindowExpanding Your Exterior Living Space

How many times do you drive through a neighbourhood and see exquisite decks with no one outside enjoying them? Deck surfaces can get so hot here that they burn your feet. Pets and small children will also enjoy a cooler alternative. Hunter Douglas blinds have a multitude of options to enhance your view while maximizing your privacy. You can enjoy top-down or bottom-up combinations to block out your neighbours and take in the stars. While we can’t always control who builds where, we can greatly influence our space and our peace-of-mind with the right window coverings.

Book Your Custom Quote Today

The Well Dressed Window can help you overhaul your residential or commercial space. Some commercial patios are unable to maximize their seating due to intense afternoon sun. Lakeside locations often fight with the wind when it comes to traditional patio umbrellas. We’d love to meet you on-site and show you all of your options. Choose from exciting colors and textures to enjoy the very best options for your unique situation.

Enhance Your Harmony with Kelowna Blinds

Book a consultation with The Well Dressed Window in Kelowna today to get started. We have been proudly serving the Okanagan Valley for years and can help you dial in your sun and shade factors. We are excited to show you the latest Kelowna blinds. We handle all of your installations so you just have to sit back and relax!