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Year-Round UV Protection With Hunter Douglas Blinds 

Year-Round UV Protection With Hunter Douglas Blinds 


Sunscreen, skincare and sun damage are hot topics in the sunny Okanagan Valley. While we may think about protecting our skin when we are heading outdoors, interior skin protection is also vital. UVA rays are penetrating through the glass. Hunter Douglas blinds offer year-round UV protection. Ideal for your home, office or residential office, these blinds offer an extra layer of protection your skin doesn’t want to miss. The Well Dressed Window in Kelowna has all of your window covering needs. Blinds, roller shades, automated Hunter Douglas blinds, shutters, drapery and much more! Set up your consultation with us today to see our fabric selections with so many colours and styles to choose from.


Kitchen Windows, French Doors…Hunter Douglas Delivers


Inviting more natural light into our homes is paramount to many renovations. Whether you are adding sky lights, French patio doors, or switching out windows, UV rays have many ways to infiltrate. We enjoy sitting in a well-lit environment to study, eat and converse with family and friends. With energy savings on everyone’s minds these days, it is no wonder that larger, more expansive windows are popular for welcoming additional light. Feel confident that you and your family can enjoy the sunlight streaming indoors without worrying about harmful UV ray exposure.


Keep Furniture From Fading With New Hunter Douglas Blinds


Besides protecting your skin, Hunter Douglas blinds help to protect your home. Keep paint, furniture, woodwork and art projects safe from UV exposure. The suns damaging rays can drastically bleach out your favourite possessions. It can be frustrating to rearrange your artwork only to discover you have to repaint the entire wall due to sun fading. Leather furniture and fabric upholstery also take a beating. Even carpet can become discoloured over time. These can be avoidable issues if you prepare and protect your space adequately. The Well Dressed Window also offers excellent drapery options to harmonize with your Hunter Douglas blinds.


Fall Is A Perfect Time To Update Your Windows


Take advantage of cooler days to update your windows this season. Remember, UV rays are still prominent on cloudy days. However, organizing your home or office now will have you prepared by the time next summer comes. Switching up your draperies, blinds, valences and window coverings is a great way to update your interior and protect your precious skin. After all…our skin IS our largest organ. Keeping it supple, vibrant and healthy is a top priority regardless of your age.


Hunter Douglas Blinds At the Office


Does your office have bright large windows right beside your desk? Did you know that dangerous UV rays may be contributing to early aging effects on your skin? Some people have freckles consistently on one side of their face as opposed to even distribution, thanks to their window seating! The Well Dressed Window is happy to measure your windows and deliver a quote. If you are sitting beside your window all day and inviting clients or staff to be in the vicinity, it is definitely worth upgrading your offices’ UV protection with new window coverings.


Motorized Hunter Douglas Blinds


Customize your style and your personality with the perfect Hunter Douglas blinds in every room. Enjoy black-out shades and cordless freedom. Motorized blinds are perfect for living rooms, baby nurseries and bedrooms. Pre-program your motorized blinds to work with your schedule. Adding style, privacy and UV protection to your home or office has never been easier!


Let The Well Dressed Window Protect Your Skin


Call us today to book your consultation. We look forward to meeting you at your home, office, strata or institutional location. It is never too late to think about protecting our skin more.

Contact us today to get started. We know you will love your Hunter Douglas blinds!